Pain Management

  •  Many people experience pain from injuries and overuse of joints1
  • Pain can make every day activities very challenging1
  • Two major types of pain:1
  • Neuropathic Pain:  No obvious source of pain1  Examples: fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome1
  • Nociceptive Pain: A source of pain is present1  Examples: broken body part, back pain, cut1


  • Important factors to consider regarding your pain:1
    • Intensity1
    • Duration1
    • Location1
    • Does anything seem to aggravate the pain?1
    • Is there anything that relieves the pain?1


  • Techniques used to treat pain:1
    • Physical therapy1
    • Surgical procedures1
    • Chiropractic therapy1
    • Acupuncture1
    • Medication1


  • Common causes of pain1
    • Nerve pain1
    • Headaches1
    • Broken bones1
    • Fractures1
    • Sprains1
    • Cancer1


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