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Medication Recalls



12/06/12 – hydrocodone/acetaminophen, Qualitest – A recall was issued for 101 lots of affected product. Atlantic Apothecary does not stock the Qualitest manufacturer for this product.



11/23/12 – atorvastatin, Ranbaxy – You may have heard of a voluntary recall of atorvastatin (generic Lipitor). We wanted to reassure our patients that the manufacturer affected by the recall, Ranbaxy, is not one carried by our pharmacy for this medication. Our manufacturer of atorvastatin, Watson, is not affected and should not be a cause of concern for our patients.

For more information on this announcement from the FDA, please visit:


10/18/12 – budeprion XL 300, Teva The FDA has announced that the Teva-manufactured generic of Wellbutrin XL 300mg, budeprion XL 300mg is not bioequivalent to the Brand name product. The manufacturer has voluntarily withdrew all lots of budeprion XL 300 from the market. Other strengths, including budeprion XL 150mg are not affected by these findings, nor are other manufacturers, including the Watson manufacturer dispensed by Atlantic Apothecary.

For more information on this announcement from the FDA, please visit: