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Women’s Health

Bio-Identical Estrogen Replacement Hormone Therapy

  As a woman ages, she undergoes hormonal changes that can create a range of symptoms. The ovaries, which produce estrogen and progesterone, begin to shrink just a few years before menopause sets in. Menopause can occur anywhere between the ages of 40 and 58. The symptoms associated with menopause can vary from woman to …

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Does the phrase “breast cancer” strike fear in your heart? If so, maybe it’s because you’ve lost a loved one to the disease. Or, it could be that you worry what might lie ahead if you need breast cancer treatment. Or, possibly you’ve read these statistics: for American women, breast cancer is the most common …

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Speedy Recovery from Childbirth

It’s not unusual to feel really tired and a bit anxious or blue in the weeks after giving birth.1 With the sleepless nights, extra responsibilities, and physical changes—who wouldn’t be on a bit of a roller coaster? Remember: This won’t last forever. Plus, you can ease your recovery by taking steps like these:             1. Sleep …

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