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We anticipate having 2013-2014 flu shots in stock by September.


Immunizations are given daily between 12pm – 4pm. A prescription is not required for this vaccine. Patients who are covered by Medicare Part B pay nothing out of pocket. Anyone 6 months of age and older is encouraged to get an annual flu shot. It is especially important for those with weakened immune systems, or people who work or live in close contact with those patients to get vaccinated.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the seasonal influenza or other vaccines we offer.



CDC Flu Updates

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By now, you’ve heard a great deal about the 2009 H1N1 flu. Although this influenza has become a pandemic, it’s no time to panic. Are you a little unclear about how this flu is different than seasonal flu? Do you want to know how to protect yourself and your family? Here’s what you need to …

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Should you get a flu shot?

As if out of nowhere, a wracking pain takes over your muscles and joints. You feel as though you’re moving through molasses. Then you’re hot—no, you’re cold. Throbbing head, sore throat, stuffy nose, dry cough—this really isn’t any fun. Dinner. . . who’s hungry? You check your temperature, and sure enough, you’ve got a fever. …

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Vaccine Information Statements

Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) are intended to inform patients of the risks and benefits associated with an immunization.   Inactivated Influenza Vaccine (Flu Shot) Live Intranasal Influenza Vaccine (FluMist)

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